Sheri Lee Cahn


Celestial Futurism - Islands In The Sky

About My Style of Painting

A Distant Memory

My style of painting is often times referred to as Celestial Futurism, which is a form of abstract fine art. Having studied astrophysics back in my school days, I was always fascinated with emission nebulae, which are the big clouds of gas and dust where new stars are being formed.

Spending years studying all of the different nebulae and galaxies and the vastness of the universe, it is easy for me to envision these beautiful ice islands in the sky... Gracious mountains and towers of ice crystals, gas and dust, reflecting all of the brilliant light that is cast upon them from the surrounding stars, creating a glorious prism effect. There is a beauty and a gentle rhythm throughout the universe that keeps it in perfect harmony.

For those who want to get away from reality, my abstract paintings provide the greatest escape imaginable. On an emotional level, these beautiful celestial pieces speak to people in innumerable ways. On a practical level, my paintings can be chosen for their flowing color schemes, beautiful celestial designs and conversational features that will complement a chosen living area for their display.

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